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Striving for Excellence & Equality in Healthcare for Black Communities

One Voice Network (OVN) aims to drive health equality and improve outcomes for black communities in the UK and particularly those affected by the HIV epidemic.  The network provides clear vision and strategic leadership and a unique  platform for black communities to play a more active role in HIV policy and practice.  

'Unheard Voices' Primary Care Survey

Unheard Voices is a partnership between National AIDS Trust, the UK's HIV rights charity and One Voice Network.


Through this project, we want to end HIV-related health inequalities Black communities living with HIV experience by highlighting their experiences to healthcare providers.


This survey is meant to capture the experiences of Black African and Black Caribbean people living with HIV when engaging with Primary Care providers. We aim to build evidence of the complex challenges and barriers Black communities face when accessing this type of care so we can work with Health Care Professionals to better understand the needs of the communities they serve.

Please help us to capture your experience with your Health Care Professionals by completing the survey.

Your response will be anonymous.


To end HIV health inequalities, health commissioners must include Black communities

A step-change is needed in local authority health commissioning to fully involve and support Black African and Caribbean communities in their HIV care, a joint report from National AIDS Trust and One Voice Network, says.  


The new Unheard Voices report gives key recommendations for best practice in order to ensure meaningful engagement with Black communities living with and affected by HIV. It also demonstrates the effectiveness of co-production, where communities members are funded to make decisions on and contribute to the design of HIV services, while recommending further funding to fully realise these ambitions.


Who we are

One Voice Network is an independent collective of Black-led community organisations and allies, seeking to improve the health and wellbeing of Black communities in the UK who are affected by HIV. 


  • To end new HIV transmissions and to stop late diagnosis among Black communities, especially among Black Africans and Black Caribbeans in the UK.

  • To empower, support and amplify the voices of Black people affected by HIV in the UK to have healthy and fulfilled lives. 

  • To provide a mechanism for the voices and views of Black people to shape the health and care services that are intended for them. 


A world where Black people affected by HIV have full access to the tools, services and systems to support healthy lives. A world where the response is led and informed by the voices and views of the Black communities they are intended for. 



Our work and approach is led and informed by Black communities. Our people are at the heart of everything we do.


We are transparent and accountable to our communities, our partners and our funders.


We work to build partnerships across and beyond the sector because we know that to reach our goals, we can only do it together.


Our organisation is founded on the principle of equality and fairness and we will strive to operate according to these values at all times.  All members shall have equal rights in the running of the Network and we shall always act in accordance with our constitution.  


We strive for quality in everything we do. We seek to be informed by the best available evidence and the lived experiences of our community members across the UK. 

We persevere until we achieve the changes we wish to see. 

Jide 0421 (002).jpg

Reverend Jide Macaulay  |  OVN Chair


One Voice Network Chair   |   Jide Macaulay

Reverend Jide Macaulay is a prominent figure and an openly gay British-Nigerian based in London. He is the Founder and CEO of House Of Rainbow CIC, a Christian minister since 1998, and an Anglican Priest. With an impressive educational background, Jide holds a degree in Law, a master's degree in Theology, and a post-graduate certificate in Pastoral Theology.


Jide's ministry is deeply rooted in the principles of inclusion and reconciliation, focusing on harmonising sexuality, spirituality, and human rights. His advocacy work extends to various organisations, where he has served as a Board of Trustee at Kaleidoscope Trust UK, and a Trustee for Global Interfaith Network. Presently, he holds the position of Chairperson for INERELA+ Europe, and is a Patron at ReportOut, Chair of One Voice Network, HIV-Mentor at Positive East, and George House Trust.


His dedication and efforts have earned him recognition, as he served as a Judge at the British LGBT Award in 2023, and received multiple nOSCARS Awards in 2014, 2017, and 2018. Reverend Jide Macaulay also contributes as a Volunteer Chaplain at Mildmay HIV Hospital and a Volunteer Champion at Afruca Children's Charity, further exemplifying his commitment to social causes and activism.

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